Thursday, July 29, 2010



I know, it's been a while since I've put some pictures of our all-time favorite BL couple, right? Well, for all greedy fans out there. Here's some for you. A doujinshi, some awesome AlfredxAmerica, and some hot countries just for the fun of it all!!!

This is was really sweet some how so had to pick it. Aw, America's jealous...

Woot!! Way to America!! It's not misunderstanding, France, it's love! Get with the program.

Is it me or does America look amazingly sexy in this doujinshi?

England, man up and attack! Not GET attacked!!!

Yeah, England's attacking! Why does America look like Canada in this picture for some reason...
Aw, I love these sweet pictures....

England's face doesn't show it but we know he loves getting stripped by America.

I don't get this Blue Police, Pink Police thing. Will someone explain to me? Either way, I know it involves hotness and BL.

I have no idea what America's laughing about but I hope it's about last night's s**.

Yaoi-( noun)- the love between two hot guys with all the tears, flowers, underwear, and wind God created
Yeah we all know, America is obviously getting violated by France and England looks ready to shank him. The only one that doesn't know is America.

It's nice seeing America get stripped. And England is definitely aiming for his dick.

This was really cute so I decided to put it. Who thinks England looks like the best rabbit mutant this world has ever seen?

America looks beast!
America gives this cool feeling when he's serious.
LOL, this was funny, France running naked and Japan drooling over little England and America.

The only ones seriously fighting is Japan and China. And, wtf England, your scones can kill a whole army but you're gonna get sued for food poisoning.
England and waiter outfit is like a man-set. Japan's like "WTF?!" LOL
These are all mascot characters created in the countries.

Ok. I will be blunt. Spain looks AMAZINGLY JUICY in this picture. Dead serious. I just had to put it up.

In celebration to the World Cup, I put this up. All girls should be happy 'cause Spain and soccer uniform match well.

Well, that's all for today, I'll be back with more next time. See ya!!!



  1. love japan totally fanboying over little us and uk xD

    1. ikr??? xDDD hes hilarious having that recorder of his in da perfect timing lol

  2. wooow !! they look so cute ..

    I dont know but I‘v been searching for this manga

    but I didnt found‘t

    can you help me ?

  3. sure no problem! :D Do you have a picture or name (plotline at the least)?

  4. here' your clue on pink cop and blue cop
    Seme= blue cop=US

    if you read USUK pink police doushinji you understand