Friday, April 22, 2011

Pokemon Black and White!!

 I've turned my anime blog into an art blog for quite a while so lets deviate back to some anime news!

I know Black and White came out a month ago, so don't so anything about me being stupid! I know how late I am for doing a promo now of all time but I recently played it, and I must say, IT IS AWESOME!!!

So, here we go:

Pokémon Black and White ver.



"You, as a trainer, will travel across the Unova region, capturing Pokemon, battling Gym leaders and stopping Team Plasma's liberation of Pokemon from succeeding. With 142 new Pokemon and many new features, let your journey begin!"

Choose your trainer-


Brand New Starters-


More Friends and Enemies-


Bianca is a childhood friend who, despite her father's initial reluctance, goes on your adventure with you. You'll meet up with her frequently.

Cheren is one of your childhood friends who will start your journey with you. His goal is to become the Pokémon Champion!

Professor Juniper

Professor Juniper is a brilliant lady who lives in your hometown. As a Pokémon Researcher, she'll play an important role throughout your journey. Before you begin your adventure, you'll want to stop by her lab—she has an important task for you. Professor Juniper wants you to discover every Pokémon in the Unova region.

Professor Juniper's friend will hand you the C-Gear, a device with a variety of communication features. Fennel needs your help to complete her research

Team Plasma

A group called Team Plasma has recently appeared in the Unova region. While their motives are unclear, it's obvious that they have criminal intentions, including stealing Pokémon! You'll learn more about their plans when you overhear speeches from their members and their leader.

The enigmatic Ghetsis is a member of Team Plasma and a spokesperson for the organization's philosophy. It's hard to know much about his standing within Team Plasma, but judging by his speeches on behalf of the rest of the group, he must have a high standing within the organization.

You'll run into N quite a lot around the Unova region, and he'll often challenge you to battle when you meet. You'll have to discover who this mysterious character truly is and uncover his ultimate goal.

Now that you have so much knowledge, go and buy the game!! It's awesome!!

New Features in Black and White-

New Ways to Battle

There are all kinds of new ways to direct your Pokémon in battle, including Random Matchups and Triple Battles.

The Pokémon Musical!

Feel the beat in the Pokémon Musical! Dress Up your Pokémon with various Props, then watch it dance to the music. You can even play the Pokémon Musical with your friends! Just get up to four players together, each with their own Nintendo DS system and copy ofPokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version.