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Tiger and Bunny: The NEW SUPERHEROES of 2011

If you haven't heard of it yet, you should be ashamed! On Pixiv, us fangirls are spewing all the yaoi we can make! For real, I have over 70 bookmarks that are just BunnyxTiger manga.

Anyway, putting that aside, lets give you a summary of this new and amazing anime. I really should have made a post for this earlier but I was busy watching the episodes and forgot. Sorry my friends.


   The series takes place in a fictional re-imagined version of New York City called Sternbild City, where 45 years before, individuals with superpowers called "NEXT" started appearing and some of them became superheroes. Each of city's most famous superheroes work for a sponsor company and their uniforms also contain advertising for real-life companies. Their heroic activity is broadcast on the popular television show "Hero TV", where they accumulate points by each feat accomplished and the best ranked hero of the season is crowned "King of Heroes". The story mainly focuses on veteran hero Kotetsu T. Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger who is assigned with a new partner, a young man named Barnaby Brooks Jr. However, Barnaby and Kotetsu usually have trouble working together as they have conflicting opinions on how a superhero should act.

You can watch the anime: Watch Tiger&Bunny Anime here

Pretty cool, right? So, now, Character Intros:

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu- 

Hero Title- Wild Tiger

One of the main protagonists and a veteran superhero past his prime whose total disregard for private property when fighting against crime earned him the nickname "Crusher of Justice". Currently he is the least popular among the heroes of Sternbild City and his company has been taken over. Now he is forced by his new employers to become Barnaby's partner against his will. His wife died from a disease five years prior to the series, and his daughter Kaede lives with his mother. Like most people of the city, Kaede is unaware of his secret identity. He possesses the power to increase his physical abilities hundredfold for five minutes, and can only do so again after cooling down for one hour. His new suit includes advertisements for the Japanese S.H. Figuarts toy line and Japanese media company SoftBank (These are real companies in Japan). Having been inspired by a hero named Legend, who helped him to accept his powers, Kotetsu has traditional ideals of justice, always relying on his instincts and putting lives over ratings.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Hero Title- Barnaby Brooks

The other protagonist, who is nicknamed 'Bunny' by Kotetsu. A rookie hero who does not conceal his identity and the newest addition to Hero TV. Partnered with Wild Tiger for the new season, he has the same superpower as him, though relies more on strategy as opposed to Kotetsu. His powered suit includes advertising for as well as Bandai and its "Crusade System" Card Series (These are real companies in Japan). He was orphaned at a young age when his parents were assassinated, and spends his free time investigating about the secret organization "Ouroboros" and its connection with the death of his family. Barnaby is not his birth name as it is actually his father's name that he took on as a declaration of war to the Ouroboros.

Other Characters:

Karina Lyle/ Blue Rose

A highschooler with freezing powers who still lives with her parents and makes use of her heroic feats to boost her career as a singer. She also works as a pianist under her real name. Her scantly-clad costume, which her father disapproves of, includes advertising for Pepsi NEX, a zero calorie Pepsi available in Japan developed by Suntory (Real company).

Nathan Seymore/ Fire Emblem

A flamboyant hero with flame abilities, equipped with a highly maneuverable race car. He is also the owner of his sponsor company, "Helios Energy," and his costume contains advertising for FMV of Fujitsu (Real Company).

Keith Goodman/ Sky High

Currently the most popular hero in the city and winner of last season's "King of Heroes" title. He is able to fly with a rocket backpack and has the power to control the wind. His uniform includes advertising for Bandai's subsidiary Tamashii Nations and streaming website (Real company).

Antonio Lopez/ Rock Bison

A green-armored brute, and Wild Tiger's friend. His bull-themed costume includes advertising for Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku (Real company).

Pao-lin Huang/ Dragon Kid

A young Chinese girl armed with a staff and able to produce lightning. Her Chinese-styled uniform includes advertising for Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website (Real company).

Ivan Karelin/ Origami Cyclone

A young hero in a ninja-themed costume who rarely takes action and engages himself more in advertising than in actual crime-fighting, appearing in the background of photos and broadcasts to please his sponsors. His shapeshifting ability allows him to copy the appearance and voice of other people, but not their abilities or powers. His costume contains advertising for Anime goods website ".ANIME" (Real company).

I'm really surprised on how many good screenshots I was able to find. Usually, I'm forced to do some illegal searching (JK, I don't, I swear).

My Review: 

This anime, I think, is extremely funny. It's an anime I believe that even people who don't like anime would like. If they make an English dub of this and broadcasted it in America, it'd definitely be popular (I only hope they would find good voice actors, unlike other failures I've heard in my lifetime). The characters have fun and interesting personalities, even the minor ones. Definitely popular with Mecha fans and Sci-fi fans. Tons of cool english names too so it's much easier to relate to. 

As for's definitely one anime you don't wanna miss writing fanfiction for. Especially Barnaby and Kotetsu. Have fun finding out whose on top and whose on bottom. Hehehehehehe.....

I support Barnaby on top. Just letting that out there.

Here's some more screenshots:

I loved this part in episode 1!!! Kyaaaaaa!!!!

Blue Rose/ Karina Lyle outside of her hero uniform.

A picture of Sternbild City.

You can tell is gonna be a hilarious anime after seeing this picture.


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