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Like I said in the title, God created it, I swear, because it is as addicting as Facebook could get, if not more.

I guess you may call this subliminal messaging because I love that site. It's awesome. I have nine stories on it right now and will add more. You post stories, track them, see reviews for them and read others' stories. It's the best working community I've ever been to to. There so much features!

You can make polls too! Almost anything is possible there. Sign up for a forum, community, beta-reader..... Beta-readers are people that will read your stories and give you creative criticism. You can be one too, after you fulfill the requirements.

 You can write stories under the categories of: Books, Movies, Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Plays/Musicals, T.V. shows, and Misc.

I only write for the Anime/Manga right now but I might expand. So far, 9 stories for D. Gray-man. Nice, right? I'm pretty good, too, heh.

You can subscribe, favorite, alert stories you like and review them to tell the author how much you liked it. 

If you start now, you might need some time to get used to Fanficiton language, for example:

One-shot- a story with only one chapter
AU- Alternate Universe, story that uses characters from a book but sets them in a different land or time period
Lemon- (I still don't know this one yet, unfortunately, but I see it around all the time)
Fluff- lovey-dovey story, usually one-shots
OC- Original Character, a character you created and inserted into story to interact with characters from another book
OOC- Out of Character, a character from a book that acts different from their original personality

Well, now you have a head start. So, I highly suggest you go to the site now and sign up and make yourself happy. Bye-bye!

Check out my account- Bluewings42 on 

~Aoi ^o^

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  1. Lemon=sex. And I'm in love with that site. One of my stories has already been picked as a classic. Have fun on there!!!!!