Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Blog List Program III

Well, well, I'm finally keeping up with posting monthly. Anyway, for all those in America right now, Happy Thanksgiving!

The monkey king today is Hello Windows [absorb ver.]. Absorb may be the not as well-known band name of Halyosy, that, and is, some of the most famous Nico Nico dubbers. I personally think anyone that can use the Windows startup music and make a beautiful song out of it is genius.

# I

Finally, our lovely number zwei, No Logic [Han ver.]. I still don't get how this only has 380 views, Han's voice is so soothing in this song!!! Very charming...

# II

Of course, more sexy songs on our way, SPICE! [Valshe ver.]! Valshe-sama, I love you!! You don't know how long of waited for her to use her sexy voice to sing this sexy song. I'm gonna faint...


You'd never believe how much sexy songs I found recently. Next up, E? AA, Sou [Dasoku x Hachisu ver.] That's how I think their names are spelled, I'm bad at translating kanji. But, this amazing duet definitely makes up for any lack of name spelling!


Lastly, the most original and beautiful version of this song I've yet to hear, Dear [ShounenT ver.] in which he plays a beautiful guitar accompaniment while sing the pure lyrics of this song! The angels are crying, I can hear them.


The biggest Vocaloid geek alive,

Aoi ^o^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Valshe makes debut!!


I kinda get the fact that I always make the news late but I wanted to wait until the songs were on Youtube. ANyway, Nico Sing Valshe has a CD debut that came out in October! Yay! 

Album: Story Teller
Singer: Valshe
Producer: minato
Illustrations: hakuseki

It's not in American stores but you can order it online here:

Here's the tracklist:

01. Neverland
(lyrics, music, arrangement: minato)

02. Myself
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: Saitou Shinya )

03. Kousoku
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T&minato)

04. graffias
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

05. Yours
(lyrics, music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

06. doubt
(lyrics: minato; music, arrangement: doriko)

07. nameless story
(lyrics: valshe; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

08. epilogue -graffias-
(music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

09. SPICE!
(lyrics, music, arrangement: minato)

And, to show some stuff off, here's a couple of songs from the album. Listen to Valshe's awesomeness!!!

(I'm such a fangirl >//////<)

O2. Myself

05. Yours

09. SPICE!

These, I thought, were some of her best ones in the album. I like all of them though.

Go buy it and support her!

Aoi ^o^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DeviantART: Art Paradise!


Well, well,well. I'm back! With some of the best things to share, along with cool artwork made by yours truly.


Yay! What it it? A website where you can submit art, look up art, and sign up to get even more fun features. It's truly a genius site made for artists, writers, and photographers. Of course, that's a pretty bad explanation so here's a better one:

What is deviantART and who founded deviantART?

deviantART is an online art community for artists and art lovers to interact in a variety of ways, ranging from the submission of art to conversations on a number of topics. In its purest form, deviantART is a means for expressing yourself in a variety of ways. 

deviantART was started by Scott Jarkoff (Jark), Angelo Sotira (Spyed) and Matt Stephens (Matteo), who launched the site on August 7, 2000. If you are interested in reading the full story behind deviantART, click here.

~Taken from deviantART

Awesome, right? All the artwork are made from the users, you should see some of those drawings, they're amazing! Of course, I'm not that bad in the long run either.

Click here to check out DeviantART

Bluewings42 on DeviantART

Now, for the closing, here's some of my artwork on deviantART!

K-ON! Boys Ver.

DA Highschool Meme: bluewings42

Katekyo Hitman Reborn II

These two are the ones I love best! It'd be great if I get feedback. You can find them on deviantART as well.

See ya around,

Aoi ^o^