Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Blog List Program III

Well, well, I'm finally keeping up with posting monthly. Anyway, for all those in America right now, Happy Thanksgiving!

The monkey king today is Hello Windows [absorb ver.]. Absorb may be the not as well-known band name of Halyosy, that, and is, some of the most famous Nico Nico dubbers. I personally think anyone that can use the Windows startup music and make a beautiful song out of it is genius.

# I

Finally, our lovely number zwei, No Logic [Han ver.]. I still don't get how this only has 380 views, Han's voice is so soothing in this song!!! Very charming...

# II

Of course, more sexy songs on our way, SPICE! [Valshe ver.]! Valshe-sama, I love you!! You don't know how long of waited for her to use her sexy voice to sing this sexy song. I'm gonna faint...


You'd never believe how much sexy songs I found recently. Next up, E? AA, Sou [Dasoku x Hachisu ver.] That's how I think their names are spelled, I'm bad at translating kanji. But, this amazing duet definitely makes up for any lack of name spelling!


Lastly, the most original and beautiful version of this song I've yet to hear, Dear [ShounenT ver.] in which he plays a beautiful guitar accompaniment while sing the pure lyrics of this song! The angels are crying, I can hear them.


The biggest Vocaloid geek alive,

Aoi ^o^

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