Saturday, July 9, 2011


So, I've written a post before on but I'd never, EVER have thought that it would make it into America's TIME magazine.


In TIME magazine's July 18, 2011 issue, there was a WHOLE article on fanfiction. Mainly, Harry Potter fanficiton (cough, which I have written like one on with a whole ton of slash in it, cough). Look at the article cover picture:

It's fricking Harry and Malfoy hugging with Hermonie watching them!!! (I bet she like


I laughed my ass off in the living room after reading this and knew I had to make a post about this. LOL

Though it wasn't a whole article on like what I had been expecting, it was mentioned in big bold letters:

Ah, I feel fulfilled in life, I think I can go die now...

Here's my post about Fanficiton.netRead it here!

They even mentioned some fan vocabulary such as slash, canon, and AU.... (For those who don't know what they mean, read my post in the link above)


I have never laughed so much in my entire life.

For those who have also read this article in TIME, post a comment and tell what you thought about it! :D

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  1. how cool~!!!! >:DD... i wish next time they'd feature anime and a bunch of otaku stuff too >:D