Friday, June 25, 2010

Yumeiro Patissiere = CAKE LOVE!


There's an anime I've been watching recently called Yumeiro Patissiere. That translates to Dream-colored Pastry Chef for those interested in knowing. 

Main Characters:

 Ichigo Amano 
The series' main character, Ichigo is a 14 year old girl who loves sweets. Her birthday is January 5th. Ichigo was ignored by her mother for many years for having no special talent compared to her younger sister, Natsume, who plays the piano very well. Because she has an incredible tongue, one that is able to tell immediately what ingredients are used in different sweets, she is spotted by Henri Lucas during a Sweets Festa. She therefore transfers to St Marie Academy in order to train to become a pâtissière, like her grandmother. Her dream is to make sweets that make people smile. It's mentioned that Ichigo used to play the piano but quit after her mother found that Natsume had more talent and replaced her with her sister.
Makoto Kashino 
One of the "Sweets Princes" of the school, who specializes in chocolate sweets. His dream is to become a patisserie and make chocolate just like his uncle. He is born on April 18th, and has a height of 160cm. His parents are from a prestigious family of doctors who do not approve of his studying to become a patissier, and therefore one of the conditions under which he can stay at St. Marie Academy is to always be at the top of his class. It is also stated in the anime that his chocolatier uncle, married into the family of Kashinos, that's why he is of exception of becoming a doctor; which all Kashinos are. Kashino is unsociable, straightforward, and has a prickly character. Except for his childhood friend Andou, his self-confidence makes him reject everyone. He works with the Sweets Spirit, Chocolat. He ignored both Hanabusa's and the Sweet Spirits' friendship when they met and has been mostly cold towards Ichigo because of her clumsiness and happy-go-lucky personality. It is mentioned in the anime that Kashino is very talented at drawing, but has terrible handwriting. As the story progresses, Kashino develop "concern" toward Amano despite their constant bickering. He gradually begins to have feelings for Amano as he displays jealousy toward other characters that might show interest in her or she show interest in them. In a short scene in the anime, we saw a part of a picture in Kashino's sketch pad that looks like Ichigo's hair.
Satsuki Hanabusa 
One of the "Sweets Princes" of the school, Hanabusa specializes in candy sculptures and flower-based cakes. His dream is to work together with his mother, a master of Japanese flower arrangement, who is also a teacher at St. Marie Academy. His father was a horticulturist who specialized in roses and died in a car accident several years before the story takes place. The bottle of rose water that Hanabusa keeps is a memento of his father. Ever since his father died, Hanabusa felt that he should be kind to his mother and women; As a result, he loves all beautiful things, and is nice to all females, bordering on perpetual flirt; He also seems to be a narcissist. He display feelings for Amano. It is stated in the anime that he was born in the month of October. It's a shame but it appears I cannot find a profile picture for him.
Sennosuke Andou 
One of the "Sweets Princes" of the school, who specializes in Japanese sweets. His birthday is February 25th. His dream is to open his own sweets shop next to his family's confectionery, selling sweets that blend Japanese and Western tastes together. Andou is the eldest of 5 siblings and often goes to help at his family shop "Yume Tsuki" during holidays. He is a childhood friend of Kashino, calling him "Ma-chan" in the manga and "Ma-kun" in the anime. Andou is always calm and reliable, and tries to reason with everyone, acting as somewhat of an older brother to Team Ichigo.
Story Plot~
"Amano Ichigo is incredibly clumsy and can't seem to do anything right until she is scouted at a Sweets Festival by Henri-sensei, who acknowledges her ability of taste. Henri-sensei suggests that she transfer to St. Marie academy, which she recognizes as the school her Grandmother, a skilled patissiere, was enrolled at. Ichigo has trouble adjusting, but with the help of the three Sweets Princes and their magical Sweets Spirits, as well as her own Sweets Spirit, Vanilla, she gains confidence and is able to work towards becoming a fantastic patissiere."

(Taken from Mangafox)

It's the funny and silly series that just can't let you drop it, even if it comes out really late. I think that the anime does well on showing the constant building up of Kashino's feelings since it's funny how dense Ichigo is to her surroundings. It's a good anime to waste time on.