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Ok, I will also be posting fanficitons I randomly wrote because I was bored or I wanted to. Also, I will post manga pages that I like. Not the complete manga, just some pages.

Here's a fanfic I wrote to show off what I mean:

Note~ This never happened. This never will happen. So don't ask me how the heck Kanda and Lavi are texting me when they're in the 19th century. I know they can't.

Chapter 1~ Playing with Air
by Aoi

My cell phone I hid in my boot started vibrating as I walked into the bus. I hurriedly plopped into a seat in the back and grabbed it out. The screen flashed with the words 'Lavi'.

I answered it. "What Lavi?"

"It's the last day of school, what. You should be hyper, not sounding like a zombie," he pouted from the other side of the phone. I held the sleek black device closer to my ear to hear as the bus rumbled away.

"Uh, one; I didn't have sugar this morning, and two; I am entering high school. You see what now?"

"I have candy."

"But, you're not here," I answered bluntly.

"High school isn't that bad~" he whined. I sighed. He's 18 isn't he? So why do I feel as if I'm talking to an 8 year old.

"That's because you and Kanda are seniors next year. You guys have it so easy during that year."

"Freshman isn't horrible. I mean, I was freshman once."
"When I was in, like, 9 years old. Plus, I skipped a grade, remember? I'm a year younger than everyone," I pointed out.

"If anyone bullies you, I'll kick their sissy asses!" he exclaimed. I held the phone away as he yelled, ranting on about what he'd do to them. I only caught the 'shoving their ass in a locker'.

"Yeah, thanks. But I can kick ass too, thank you very much."

"Puu," he huffed, mock frustration. "You're making me sound useless, Aoi-chan."

I raised an eyebrow. I wonder if I should say that he was.

"My stop's coming up. Talk to you later," I said, taking up my book bag and slinging on my shoulders as I waited for the bus to stop.

"I'll drop by later, bye." That sounds over the line stopped and the call ended. I stalked down the railway to the door, on the way, I jumped up a bit to avoid Road's foot as she launched it out to trip me.

"Road, it'll never work", I smiled. She giggled.

"Thought I give it one last try, maybe you let your guard down today," the dark purple hair girl said. Road's really popular among the 8th graders and surprisingly, she befriended me as well. Since then, we hung out a lot. I even met her uncle, Tyki Mikk. Man, family likeness runs through them so well. They all look alike in some way it's creepy.

"See ya," I waved as I hopped off the suffocating bus to freedom. From the window, she mouth the words 'bye' and waved furiously. I smiled back.


"Komui? I'm home," I shouted into the house as I unlocked the door. A black haired male with glasses poked his head out of the kitchen, smiling.

"Oh, welcome home Aoi-chan! How was school?" he asked cheerfully. I walked into the living room and dumped my stuff on the sofa.

"The last day is always better than all the other ones," I sighed, dropping onto the sofa as well. The Asian man took a sip of coffee from his cup. Komui is my uncle, if you are wondering. When I was young, my parents died in a car accident. I survived and Komui was nice and decided to take me in. Though, I felt it was out of pity.

Suddenly, another voice rang out from the hallway of the house. "Nii-san, I 'm home." I ran to the door and gave the Chinese girl with 2 ponytails a big hug.

"Lenalee!" I greeted. She patted my head and looked up to see her brother running as well.

"My darling sweet Lenalee! Welcome home!" he said extravagantly, opening up his arms, waiting to get a hug. It never came. 


"Lenalee, I'm going out for a minute. Is that okay with you?" I asked at the table as I chomped down the slice of apple pie that Lenalee baked yesterday. "For some supplies for the party." Apparently, we all decided we would have a End of School party at our house tonight. I get to play decorator.

"Do you need a ride?" she asked, sipping her milk. I shook my head, saying no.

"Lavi's driving me."

"Lavi?" I sensed a bit of terror in her voice. I could understand why as well. 

"Don't worry, it's close by. I'll make sure he doesn't drive over 60."

"Why Lavi?" she asked as she took my finished plate and dunked it in the sink.

"Because I have set one of my New Year's resolution to wasting as much of his money as possible."

"Since it's you, it might work."

"You think?" I asked as she began washing the plates accumulated in the sink.

"Hah," she giggled, "Him and Kanda really spoil you."

"No, Kanda tortures me."

She turned from me and replaced the cleaned china into the cabinet. "Eh, but I see differently. He usually wouldn't let 6 year olds sleep with him, now would he?"

"That sounded wrong," I laughed. "You made him sound like a pedo for a minute." Though, I knew what she was talking about. When I was younger, around 6 years old, he let me sleep next to him at night during a time where I had to stay with him for a week since Komui and Lenalee were on a trip. His house was dark, creaky, and cold at night and it always gave me nightmares if I slept alone.

"Sheesh, Aoi. You have to handle those things more maturely," she chided softly.

"No way," I chuckled, picking up my messenger bag I took with me whenever I go out. "See ya," I waved as I headed out.


"Lavi," I said through the phone, "where are you?"

"I'm on my way to Komui's house."

"Can you turn and go to the park instead. I'm waiting there."

"Huh? Why?"

"We're going on an excursion."

"Ah, fine. I'll see you in 3 minutes."

I clicked the red end button and the call ended. I closed my cell and slipped it back into my boot. I swung my legs back and forth to get momentum. The swing I sat on began moving back and forth as well.

A minute later I was almost as high as the bar. "Whee," I giggled quietly.

"You didn't tell me you were all the way here!"

I slowed down a bit to turn my head around to see a panting red haired teen jogging up to me. 

"At least you could have told me you were at the swings."

"This park isn't that big."

"Still," he pouted, brushing sweat from his face.

"Anyway, come on," I said, getting off and walking to the parking lot. Lavi followed behind haggardly.

"I have to walk again?" he whined.

"What? Do you want me to carry you?" I can, too, if I try.

"Uh, no. You do know I'm 8 inches taller than you."

"I'm not short!"

"I didn't say that."

"It was behind your words."

He sighed. "I'd still say no but come on." I followed him to the silver car.

"Ok," he said as he slid into the driver seat. I sat in the passenger side. "Where are we going?"

"The Earl's Candy Shop," I announced, turning on the radio. Music poured out.

"Eh? That place?"

"What about it?"

"Those people there always look....sketchy..." He said thoughtfully, rubbing his chin. I patted him on the head.

"But, it's good. And I wanted to say hi the Mr. Mikk."
"Who's that?" Oops, I wasn't to tell people about that. Yet.

"Someone I know. Come on Lavi, just step on the gas petal and pull the stick to reverse and drive. I don't think I need to teach you."

"Meh, you're so mean Aoi-chan."
"I'm ranked second after Kanda."

He bursted out laughing. I looked at him, confused. "What?"

"Unfortunately, your obsession for chainsaws has placed in tie with Yuu-chan."

"I am not obsessed with chainsaws, guns, and knives," I threatened. He snorted, as if that just made it funnier.

"What ever you say, madame."

And that is chapter one. Feel free to review it below. Bye-bye!

~Aoi ^o^

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