Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Valshe makes debut!!


I kinda get the fact that I always make the news late but I wanted to wait until the songs were on Youtube. ANyway, Nico Sing Valshe has a CD debut that came out in October! Yay! 

Album: Story Teller
Singer: Valshe
Producer: minato
Illustrations: hakuseki

It's not in American stores but you can order it online here:

Here's the tracklist:

01. Neverland
(lyrics, music, arrangement: minato)

02. Myself
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: Saitou Shinya )

03. Kousoku
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T&minato)

04. graffias
(lyrics: valshe&minato; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

05. Yours
(lyrics, music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

06. doubt
(lyrics: minato; music, arrangement: doriko)

07. nameless story
(lyrics: valshe; music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

08. epilogue -graffias-
(music: minato; arrangement: FAITH-T)

09. SPICE!
(lyrics, music, arrangement: minato)

And, to show some stuff off, here's a couple of songs from the album. Listen to Valshe's awesomeness!!!

(I'm such a fangirl >//////<)

O2. Myself

05. Yours

09. SPICE!

These, I thought, were some of her best ones in the album. I like all of them though.

Go buy it and support her!

Aoi ^o^

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