Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Blog List Program I

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning into today's Blog List Program, where I announce my top favorites of the week.

Today's king of the hill is Out of Eden [Akiakane Ver.] I completely fell in love with her cover of this hip style electro song. Also, the song lyrics are very inspiring. Her cover came out the same day as the original, sung by Kagamine Len. She also did the illustration for the PV.

# I

Now, our number 2 for today, Mozaik Role [Megpoid Gumi]. Gumi is my 3rd favorite Vocaloid and combined with Deco*27. Heaven. Even that may be an understatement. I love almost every song Deco*27 has made/sung. He is the God of Vocaloid music.

# II

And our third in line, I know this was uploaded tons ago but I found one of the most interesting and best sung cover of the famed Magnet. Magnet [Sekihan x Piko ver.] Also, GODDAMMIT Piko can sing more like a girl than I can. 


 As of 4th place, siGrE [Kaito x Meiko Ver.] was originally sung by Kagamine Rina and Len but I find Kaito and Meiko's cover more mature and soothing to the ear. Also, the PV art makes both of them look very sexy. I absolutely love this song, the story is sad and I cried the first time I heard Rin and Len's.


This song always gave me this Lady Gaga feel to it, Secret [Megurine Luka ver.], the lyrics are English because and hard to understand but I get the feeling its about unrequited love. But that's just me. Who else thinks Lady Gaga would sing this?


Thanks to all fans like me,

Aoi ^o^