Sunday, July 25, 2010

Presenting You: BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!!


I've waited 2 months for this and now its finally here!! The amazing OVA promo movie of Black Rock Shooter!!!

I can't believe it!!! But was kinda boring, to say, I was a bit disappointed with the chick flick plot line but the animation and battle scenes were absolutely to die for! It was kinda bland to me and left off with a rather sketchy ending but I hope they put a second OVA up to finish it.

Doesn't it look amazing already, just from the picture?

Can't wait for more!!!

There's also a Vocaloid song based on the character, Black Rock Shooter. I suggest Piko's version because it's amazingly beautiful. He, somehow, managed to sound like a girl and a guy at the same time. That's Piko for you!

Enjoy and I recommend it entirely. A must-watch for all anime and manga fans!

Your's truly,
Aoi ^o^

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