Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ciel is ALIVE!!!


From what I know, even if I didn't really see much of the whole Kuroshitsuji I series, I managed to get my hands on Kuroshitsuji II. Season one ended when Ciel fell into the river and no one knows if he died or his servants died or whatever. It just ENDED. I was very disappointed. BUT, now in episode 1 of Season two, Ciel is alive!! And so is Sebastian!! I became a screaming fangirl when I saw the sexy smirk of Sebastian and his flawless technique. *swoon*

Anyway, I fully support CielxSebastian, by the way. They look awfully sexy together, especially when Ciel is in uke mode and Sebastian is being plain sexy. 

You can watch the second season here:

I definitely consider Sebastian a playful sadist. Definitely. Being happy, I'll show some CielxSebastian pictures. Don't like, don't watch. Just warning you now.

*recovering from nosebleed*

Well, bye bye for now.

Aoi ^o^

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