Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boredom is Contagious~


I am so bored! And I don't feel like doing homework (I mean, come on, it's Saturday). My friend suggested I take a blond quiz and see how blonde I was. I did. I got some interesting results.

How Blonde Are You?
Your Result: Woah! You are a complete non-ditz. Good for you!
You may have you're moments every once in a while, but really, you the complete opposite of blonde. You're witty and like to inform people that you actually know what's going on.
Honey, you couldn't get any more blonde
You have some blonde in you
How Blonde Are You?
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Lol, I'm not blonde! Wooooo! 

Though, I do trip on flat surfaces, but I consider that a skill. ^_^

See ya around.

Aoi ^o^

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