Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!


Holy crap, it's 1/1/11! So many ones! Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Love you all! Everyone deserves a little love.

It's the year of the rabbit! And I drew this beautiful little artwork in honor of our new rabbit year: 2011!!!!!

My SAI trial ended so I ended up using my old illustrating program and that program sucks~ But it's not bad for a free illustrating tool.

So, cute huh? The pink hair was kinda a random addition, I was gonna make it brown but I thought that was way too boring. Colorful clothes likey ^o^!

By the way, here's a preview of a drawing I'm working on:

It's not colored yet but'll color it soon, when I find time. It's pretty right?

Oh, it's for a song by Miku (I know, I know, another song but I love this one.)

See you guys next time and Happy New Year!!

Aoi ^o^

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