Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Aftermath!


Hey guys!! How was your Christmas? Good? Bad? Pissed out because your brother ratted you out eating the cookies your family left out for Santa? Well, let me share some of my joy with you!

So, let's discuss presents first!

I got a tablet!!!!! To be exact, a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet but what god cares about that! I got my first tablet! It's so pretty and smooth and shiny, and professional-looking, ah, a beauty!! It's an Intuos too! I did my research ok, it's a pretty expensive and used by a lot of famous graphic designers. I love it so much!!! <3 XD I must spamming you with exclamation points right now but I am so dang happy it's unbelievable.

And now, for the baptism of my tablet. I shall now name him (its a him, yes, a guy) BINGO! The picture above is my picture I drew with my tablet, as a present to all.

I also got a laptop bag but that wasn't as big of a news but I'll tell you guys anyway. ^_^

A sad news is that my SAI Paintool trial ended so I couldn't use my tablet with SAI (which is the best illustrating program ever, as you can see, not created in America, only Japan could make something this awesomesauce).

Next, song of the day! My new face Vocaloid song. Yes, I kinda notice that I always slap songs at you without notice but songs are a source of inspiration in my life.

I hate how Luka has so much sad songs but I love how her low voice sounds so emotional and beautiful in them. The irony.

Here's a fanart I drew for this beautiful song. Please tell me how I did, I's really appreciate it!

A piece of you- Luka by ~bluewings42 on deviantART

Link to my picture on DeviantART~

Until next time buds!

* P.S. You may have noticed how I made the main topics of my entry in large print to bring attention to it. It's my new style from now on. If you don't like it, tell me ok? I just wanted to try something new.

Aoi ^o^

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