Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Drawings!


Remember that tablet I got for Christmas? Well, I can finally draw with it!

Such a big accomplishment, I know.

They're not the best for many reasons. 1) I am inexperienced. I go this like a month and 2 weeks ago. Uh-huh. 2) I don't have a single good cg program. So I'm using an online one. Bear with me.

And now, TA-DA, my new creations. There's a lot of Vocaloid works because I <3 Voclaoid.


What do you think? Good? Bad?

Please put a response so I know. Everyone are entitled to opinions.

Aoi ^o^


  1. All modern artists need new and exciting ways of exploring art and overcoming the fear and doubts that as individual painters suffer from.

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