Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hetalia Quiz 101!!

Yeah, interesting quiz I took. I was very fond of the results so I decided to post it up here. Take a look and LOL.

Hetalia Love Life by Aangs-sistser
Your name?
Your first crushjapan
How bad are you crushing on him?
Your first kissamerica
Your first date is withengland
On your date, you go to
Your first boyfriendchina
Who takes your virginity?england
Who do you marry?china
How happy are you in this marraige?
How many years do you stay together?81
Wishes they married youspain


1. Me: It's not much of a crush if I'm only crushing on him badly for like 2%.... I don't hate Japan, but yeah, I can't see him going out with me unless it's an anime convention, then, that's another story....mumble mumble mumble....

Japan: Hibi-san?

Me: Huh? Oh! Hey, Japan! heard nothing, ok?! Nothing!

Japan: ....

2. Me: I kissed my home country! Maybe it was that face-plant I had when I was five years old...

America: Exactly what were you doing?

Me: It's what we were doing. Remember, apparently I gave you my first kiss when I fell off that stupid swing.

America: I now know where your issues originated from.

Me: Well, excuse me, you and your little italics! I'm very sane! You sure were very heroic, saving me with that concrete pavement of yours!

3. Me: Yay, a date with England! At his house! But, seriously, don't cook for me....I'm good with just a cup of tea...

England: What's wrong with me cooking?

Me:' girls do, yeah, what girl's do on a first date! You know what I mean.

England: Those American traditions.....*sigh*

Me: Hey, it's my first date. You've probably been on over a billion seeing how long you were alive.

England: ....

Me: Hey! Don't avoid me!

America: Stop using italics Hibi, they're not cool. Oh btw England, you're old.

England: You little-

4. Me: I must how never gone out on a date with China when he was my 'boyfriend' cuz there's no way my first date and first boyfriend are different.

China: Who's your first boyfriend, aru?

Me: You. Apparently.

Russia: Did I hear that you wanted to become one with me, da?

Me and China: WAHHH! RUN!!!

5. Me: I should have never gone to your house for our first date, England....we used protection right?

England: This never even happened!!

Me: Right......... I'll remember that......... *smirks*

England: Oh lord... I'll be hearing about this later, won't I? *facepalm*

Me: 'bout what? You mean our kid?*smiles*

6. Me: Yes! I married China! I feel a sudden sense of nationalism for my race.

America: You're Chinese?

Me: Yeah! And proud to be.

America: Good for you.

Me: You still owe me 40 million dollars in national debt, America. As China's wife, I demand you pay it now so I can by me my little tropical island!

America: Oh god.....

7. Me: Oh, look, we're happy together too....

Me: For my whole life....I'm pretty sure I won't live till 95 but, hey, let's be optimistic.

England: You mean dying from diabetes and heart disease when you're 50 from all that chocolate you eat.

Me: Are you trying to curse me?

England: If I were, I wouldn't even need to try-

Me: Hey England, I found some weird leather bound book with weird words and circles in it...

England: Don't touch that!


Me: Are we in Narnia?

England: I told you not to touch that!

8. Me: Spain wished he married me? Where'd he come from?

England: Hahahaha! Looks like you're too late!

Spain: Shut up! I'm still heart broken over that!

Me: Y'know this never exactly happened...

Try it out for yourself! It's interesting....

Feel free to send me your results too.


Hibi ^_^

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