Saturday, May 7, 2011

LOL, Quizzes These Days....

Was funny so I wanted to share. Don't ask me why I took these. I was just curious.

Which Bleach captain will rape you? (For Fangirls ^_^) by YoshiCat1
This guy raped youHitsugaya Toushirou: You're so lucky ^o^
For this reasonAre you sure YOU didn't rape HIM?
How was it?I can't believe he raped me. O_O

Slave to a (male) Bleach Character! by RinTeufel
favorite animal:
Favorite food:
your a Slave to:Toshiro
The clothes you have to wear:a mini skirt and one of his shirts,
why he made you his slave:You cheer him up
He treats you like:A Toy
his affection is shown by:hugging and kissing you now and then
Sex:Is every night and usually Long and painful
he punishes you:with rough and Painful Sex!
How long his punishments last:1 hour
Where you have to sleep:In your own bedroom
after you've been his slave for:10 years
what happens next is:he makes you marry him
how much he loves you:

¡In School With Naruto Guys and Girls! (Love life, personality in the Naruto World... ONLY GIRLS) THANKS FOR THE 50,000 HITS! by Lady_Isis
Real Name
Name you want in the Naruto World
You are the...Geeky of your class
Who are your best friend?TenTen
You have a BIG crush onItachi
Does he like you back?Yes! you are HIS girl!!!
Who love you secretly?Kankuro: You're a kickass girl! just his type, you don't tolerate sh*t from anyone!
Who's going to help you with Maths?Temari
Your favorite teacher isKurenai-sensei: She's intelligent and pretty! and you always talk about guys!
And finally... your high school sweetheart is....Gaara

What the Naruto characters think of you(+pics & love life) (girls only)**Thanks for 17000 hits!**(Will add more at 25000 hits) by Flower Village
What's your name:
Your favorite color:
How old are you:
Your character's name is:Shigemitsu Momoko
You look like:
Your best friend:
Naruto thinks:She's like a sister to me.
Sakura thinks:Grr, she likes Sasuke too. But she's way better than Ino-pig.
Sasuke thinks:Maybe she could help me rebuild the Uchiha clan...(Me: O_O)
Shikamaru thinks:She is very intelligent, and I enjoy talking to her.
Ino thinks:She likes Sasuke too, and I think he likes her back. Grr...I'm going to kill her for stealing my Sasuke!
Choji thinks:She doesn't pay attention to my weight, or anything else for that matter. She has a one track mind, and that one track is Sasuke.
Kiba and Akamaru think:Kiba: I wonder if she likes dogs. Akamaru: Master, you like her, don't you?
Hinata thinks:She's a lot like me, only stronger.
Shino thinks:She's so quiet, just like Hinata
Tenten thinks:She's really cool, and a really skilled shinobi.
Lee thinks:I'll have to tell Sakura i've given her up for someone else.
Neji thinks:Tell me when she shuts up, then i'll be glad to say something.
Kakashi thinks:She is an exceptional ninja. I wouldn't be surprised if she became Hokage someday.
Gai thinks:Who?
Amount that Naruto wants to be your bf:
Amount that Sasuke wants to be your bf:
Amount that Shikamaru wants to be your bf:
Amount that Choji wants to be your bf:
Amount that Kiba wants to be your bf:
Amount that Shino wants to be your bf:
Amount that Lee wants to be your bf:
Amount that Neji wants to be your bf:
Amount that everyone likes you:
Who you end up going out with:
Do you marry:No, but you date for a long time.
Do you have children:Yes, two boys and a girl.
What would your daughter look like:
What would your son look like:
How do you die:You die valiantly in a battle with your archenemy.
You and your bf's theme song:The Sweet Escape(Gwen Stefani and Akon)
Your color:Green
The amount of money you make in your lifetime:$727,938,291
How evil you are when you die:
Your lucky number968
Your fortune for today(these come true most of theYour love life will be happy and harmonious.
What he never told you:He was gay.
Also:Thanks for wasting your time on my quiz, and please click my name to be sent to my roleplaying forum, which shares my name. Please join Flower Village today!
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  1. hahahaha this makes me wanna e toshi-chii's slave too~!! XD jk jk