Monday, October 18, 2010

The Blog List Program II

Well, about time I update a new Blog List Program! So how's everyone?

Out best of the bunch today is Aitai [Hanatan Ver.], a rather new song. I adore this piece, like serious. I've never been a fan of lonely love songs but Hanatan's mature and emotional voice just pulls you right in. PV art is also very pretty.


Our number 2 of the day is Antichlorobenzene [Kagamine Rin]. It has an amazing typography style PV and a follow up to Kagamine Len's Paradichlorobenzene, which is slightly included partway into the song. I like these types of emotional songs, they're beautiful in a creepy way.

# II

And our third liner, Packaged [Megpoid Gumi Ver.] using the VocaListener. The VocaListener is a program where a person sings the song and the Vocaloid would hit the exact notes and breaths with their voice. It makes Gumi sound superbly realistic.


The forth can't be left out now, right? +REVERSE [ Lily] our newest Vocaloid. Her voice is kinda low, you can say, a cross between Meiko and Luka. But this song really show the full effect of her robotic voice and I really like the lyrics too.


Number 5 here is a pretty old song but I recently got into it and it's really beautiful for a Len song. Kimi no Sagasu Fantasia [Kagamine Len] is very sweet song, especially since it's a LenxRin song and the pictures are gorgeous!! I think it's worth the extra space in your Favorites.


Thanks to all fans like me,

Aoi ^o^

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