Monday, September 27, 2010

My future awaits...


Anyway, I've been able to finally scan my amazing pictures into the computer and edit them so they look fabulous. Of course, I'm cheap so they aren't Photoshop-like quality but they're pretty good considering I'm using a very limited free photo-editing program.

Here's some earlier ones I uploaded.




Yeah, I know. Not much color and amazingness. Pretty crappy. Considering I only had Microsoft Paint and Photofiltre to rely on, it's pretty good.

Then, I discovered the 'Smudge Tool' on Photofiltre and BAM! I could do shadows and shades!!!

I was so happy! Anyway, I think they weren't so bad. I just had problems with finding a background, that's all.

Hope you like it. I would LOVE comments!!! ^_^

All these pictures, and more, can be found on my deviantART account: Bluewings42's DeviantART Profile

Aoi ^o^

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