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Well, I should really get back to this and I haven't posted anything recently so this is perfect1 Enjoy my young fellows.

Note~ Remember, this never happened. It will never happen and won't happen anytime soon. So no fangirl mob attacks, okay?

Chapter 2~ Don't Look Back
by Aoi

I stood and gazed pleasurably at the candy galore before me. This was eye candy for now and soon will be in my stomach.

"Don't eat too much or you'll get fat~" Lavi teased. I kicked him in the shin and continued walking down the aisle.

I went to the cashier table and spotted Lulubell. I waved and she waved back, recognizing me. Road and I come here often and Lulubell always hides us from Tyki when we play hide and seek.

"Lulubell, is Tyki in?" I asked. 

She nodded, "He's in the back. Would you like to see him?" I nodded appreciatively and followed her back.

"I'll be gone for a little bit, so stay here Lavi," I warned, giving him a mess-up-and-die glare.

"Yeah, yeah. Hurry, ok?" 

"Aye, sir." And off I was.


I walked through the familiar chilly storage room or metal racks and shelves and cardboard boxes. The two of us girls had made cardboard box forts before here during sleepovers and that was always fun.

Where was he? I wondered, seeing that I had still not spotted him after walking around.

"Looking for me, Aoi-chan?"

I turned back, surprised, and almost tripped on my own feet.

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