Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nico Nico~~ Douga!!!


I know, I haven't added anything in a while, sorry..... Blame school, seriously! 

I will now introduce to you the second wonder after Vocaloids.

Nico nico singers!!! They dub Vocaloid songs and so on. They're also the ones that make make some of the songs. They also make Nico Nico choruses, which is a chorus of singers put together and they sound absolutely B.A.!!

American artists aren't in even artists, I mean, come on! If I had to chose between a Nico singer and Miley Cyrus, you already know which one I'll pick.

Some of the awesomest singers I've ever heard:

Clear- he's suppose to be an 'amateur' since he is kinda new but this is not amateur singing

This is my favorite song he sings! When he whispered 'tokenai' I seriously had a fangirl attack right there.

 I'm sure there are tons others but if you are really interested, go look on youtube yourself.

Usa- she is so dang awesome!! She sings well as a girl and boy. I'd gladly marry her for her voice!!

Boy Ver. of her awesome voice

 Girl Ver. of her awesome voice

 DECO*27- he writes good songs and sings well.....god, if only I could marry him....

He is amazing, period!!!

 Halyosy- he raps better than any rapper we have in America!! His voice is god!!

This song is made 10 times more awesome because he sung it.

That's about it, that I can remember. Blimey, but I have short-term memory loss problems. 


~Aoi ^o^

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  1. You forgot Valshe and Choucho!!

    I would die happy if Valshe and Usa had a duet o////o and Usa and Clear

    They are so awesome, American singers can't even compare!!! <33333