Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up to date~~

So, I've been posting less and less, so it seems so let's keep you up to date with some of the popular things that so hard to find these days. Stupid Google. Everything that comes up these days are all spams.

Recent Artworks by Yours Truly------>

* For a while I was addicted to drawing Vocaloid works, as you will see from these examples:

*That Vocaloid addiction got better and I began drawing some more Original works:

*I didn't completely migrate from Vocaloid work though, I still did some but not as much:

Comparing all my drawings together, you can really see how much they vary. I really should find a solid style and stick to it.

My Favorite Song at the Moment--------->

Butterfly by Nero and Clear in their newest album 'First Contact'. Can you believe it, their professionals already. I wished for this day to come since I first heard them, seriously. They deserve it.

Here's the first few verses of the english lyrics to this song:

I'm gonna make love to you wanna get laid x 3

Your shadow beckons to the depths of my heart with a wet finger
Your smiling face captivated me, making me fall until the limits of reality
It's hot, our burning connection, after my lips, my fingers touch your nape
Penetrating into your body, I experienced your sweet honey


I, like, was ear raped by this song! My god! Apparently, I read somewhere that Clear not a virgin anymore, but Nero is. How the hell do people know these things?! Speechless....

If you look at from a fangirl's point-of-view sounds like their getting hot on each other.... *nosebleeds*

Last of all: Help Support Japan!!!!!-------->

Pray for Japan Commissions by Hibi

I'm taking commissions and from now on, all of the money from them will be donated to American Red Cross.

Please Help Japan. They need US!

See ya later dudes!!!

Aoi ^.^

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