Sunday, May 16, 2010

My current addiction? A drug called IZAYA!!


Orihara Izaya. What a weird name, you might ask. No, it's really much hotter than you think. Since it's the amazing info broker we're talking about.

Ah, black, reddish eyes, and that black fur coat that he wears all 4 seasons. It's called C-R-U-S-H! *squeals*

But his evilness could be kinda scary so let's just pretend that he's hot and that's all that's left of him. Forget what I just said, you can't do that because then it wouldn't be him. He's an amazing, godly singer, wonder if that helps?

I even unofficially joined an exclusive Izaya fanclub. See what a fangirl would do to get what she wants? It's called a kind of love, deal with it.

We must love him either way because if he isn't loved he'll kill you. After all, he loves all of the human race (except for Shizuo). I think ShizuoxIzaya is an awesome pairing but they'll probably kill me for even thinking about it. I'm impressed Erika-san actually said it out loud, go Erika!!!

The power of a first-class otaku!!!

It's unfortunate I don't have much pictures of him since my standards are so high. I'm sure you're already saying, "go fuck some more then!" I'll try so look forward to more soon.

~Aoi ^o^

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